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Another Hawaii Post.
i've been meaning to do an update. but quite honestly.
we get home. eat. and relax a little. and i m fuckin tired.
and i fall asleep before pulling pictures off or anything.

so its been a few days since my last update. i ll try and give a quick update on what we did.

we ahave driven around ALMOST the entire island. (except the far west coast).

we finally found the survivor camp beach.
it happens to be prettty well hidden. but all beaches are public so we found it finally.
it was exciting to see all the little houses. and eco's church.

also. on that becah theres a little hill, and on the way back there was this hot ass asian girl and some dude fucking. it was excellent. they tried to hide it, but it was totally obvious.

its so amazing just driving, aimlessly. we stop every once and a while. see an amazing view.
find some new exciting spots to go to. or drive by a i recognize from lost.

we happened to drive by and find out where they were storing 815. and as i had heard. filmed as well.

We've at at zippy's many times. which is excellent. zippy's i fuckin love you.

FINALLY we got cable and internets for real. no more stealing internets.

stopped by the wakikki swap meet. always excellent shit there. i m gonna find a wicked hawaiian shirt.

the best part was when becca and i decided to try and get to the pier they filmed at with the others. when they let michael go. because we could NEVER find out how to get to it. so we decided to try and walk along the beach to it. since thats allowed. it was all muddy, but there were rocks and shit. i stayed on the rocks. but coming up to the rocks there was a big patch of mud, that becca decided to step in, which got her stuck, shin deep in mud, losing her shoe. it was epic. until i heard some crazy dogs, from the shanty town house we passed. i was pretty sure we were fucked. at that point, we didnt know what the hell we were going to do. and it was getting dark. i was pretty certain we were going to get killed by dogs.

i skated a little at a skatepark. its nice to have a good board and trucks. although skating a 7.75 feels much thicker than a 7.25. suprisingly it makes a big difference.

last night was the best though. we were driving around. then before home trying ot kill some time to miss traffic on the H1. so i decided to go out to a trail, and come back down on the H3 which wouldn't have traffic. so we decided to drive by the storage where 815 was. well...as we were driving around i saw these big ass lights i didnt remember. and i was like. uh. those are like flood lights. as we pulled closer. there were definently flood lights in the jungle. and then there were liek a billion trailers, a bunch of grip trucks, and other trucks, food truck, like 50 cars at least. and the nose of the plane was not in the same place.

we seriously just sat on the side of the road trying to see what we could see, but we couldn't see much at all. i just wanted SOME sort of like confirmation that it was them. i mean i m sure it was. but still it would have been better to see someone or something. but just seeing that was sick. it made my night.

skate 2 is excellent.

thats all i remember for now. i ll update more later.

and now for the pics.

These are kinda random, some are in "order" from my p&s, but the iphone and 20D ones are kinda all over.

DAY 3.

Some of these pics, are just kinda pics i grabbed, that is a little taste of like random cool places we see.
or just how nice things can be randomly while driving.

a stop on the side of the road.

DAY 4.

Eko's Church. pretty stoked to find this stuff

Survivor Camp bitches. Excellent. so excellent.

this dude seriously sits here for 8 hours a day. then someone else comes and takes his place.
what a terrible job. he was cool though.

DAY 5.

This is the building that one john locke fell out of.

This is before the "china walls" where they walked along a few times in lost.
most note-worthy is in the finale of season 3 , on the way to the radio tower.
anyways this sign was funny to me. the little guy on there.

just some random china walls pictures.

DAY 6.

Tobias, lookin funny.

excellent truck. this one was for david. i knew he would enjoy it.


these are alot of iphone pictures i took over the course of the last few days.

seriously. this game is so excellent. i ve been playing it so much.

i dont even remember. but i THINK thats the survivor beach as well.

pretty far north west on the island. just drivin.

random stop while driving.

china walls.

somewhere out there, there is a whale blowing water out his blow hole. it was excellent.

kaneohe skate park.

815. this is also where we saw the filming going on.
just at the top where the trees and the suns meet, they were up in there.

another random stop.

Becca stuck in the mud. like a fuckin dummy.

Tobias likes to burry himself in pillows / blankets. it always cracks me up.
as i type this he burried himself completely under some blankets next to me.

this is the H3. another idea of how excellent it is just driving.

H3 entrance is like entering jurassic park.

perfect timing. saw this and just had to stop and watch the sun go down.
kinda up by turtle bay. some random little secluded beach.


these are some random pics from my DSLR, not alot, but still. here are some.

i love the clouds / weather here.

this is the sketchy little alley to get down to the survivor beach.

this is the actual survivor beach. you could probably recognize it from the show.
on the left side of this picture you can kinda see the "cliff / hillside" between sand and rock.
thats where teh people were fucking.

A Few Set photos.

2 more random driving shots.

Cool little light house.


this other one is an excellent look out point we randomly found while driving around.
its at some nature reserve at the very top of one of the mountains.

these old ladies talked about seeing the "green flash" on the ocean. we couldn't see it.
i don't believe them.

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awesome pics. seriously sounds like you are having a ton of fun out there exploring. obviously all of us back here are jealous. keep taking more pics. and use your damn water housing for your P&S. put it on movie mode and go cliff diving with it and shoot the view on the way down.

cant wait to see pics from when you go backpacking.

yes, i have indeed been having alot of fun. exploring is the best part. not having a very limited time makes it easy, and allows us to just drive, and have nowhere specifically to go.

i ve been taking pictures everwhere we go.
and i want to use the water proof housing already, probably tommorow, and or this week.
we found a sick little cliff the other day that kids were jumpin off. its pretty high though. i think i m too much of a pussy to jump off.

some of those are pretty crazy.

fucking lost....so jealous.

glad your having a good time. stay safe! <3

nice. thanks.

fuckin LOST!

thanks. i'll TRY and be safe.

I've seen the green flash! You have to be closer to sea level I think.

And what is this P&S you keep talking about?

point and shoot camera.
a little 10 megapixel camera.

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