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Hawaiian Livin'
What have i dont in the past few days.

well. me and becca decided to go to manoa falls trail. (one of the nicest hikes here.)
we spotted 2 cars there with dharma stickers on the back. and 1 was a van. with some gear in it.
some construction type shit, so i m assuming they were set design people.

we hiked the trail. it started raining AS SOON as we started, but theres a heavy canopy of trees, so you don't get wet unless your out in the open. but it was wonderful weather actually.
also, it was getting dark again on our way back down. but we made it down faster cuz it was 2 of us instead of 11. so it wasn't taking forever. we speed walked down it.

being there is so amazing. it just feels so nice. its quite. fuckin beautiful. and just peaceful.
getting to the top of the trail and seeing the waterfall is just crazy. looking up at it.
it makes you feel small. i jsut stood and looked up it for a few minutes, just in awe.\

we drove by the storage again tryin to avoid traffic, no filming htis time. and the plane was back in its place.
then we drove home. and called it a night. hung out and so on.

then the next day we went out and kinda just did w/e.

i actually found a lot where they store ALOT of the props for lost. but more the vehicle type things.
there happened to be a business lot on a 2nd story next to it, so we drove up and just looked around.
you could see cop cars, taxi cabs, a LA Ambulence, The Dharma Vans, Jacks Bronco, Hurleys Red Car.
kinda interesting just to see those things. also, we drove by where the funeral parlor was that locke was.
"hoffs/drawler." also pretty insignificant, but just interesting to see.

the best that day, was a trail i had kinda just HEARD about, read that a trail EXISTED. but no idea where it was.
no idea what was back there. or if it was cool at all.

we stopped by this cemetery. Which mind you these things are wicked, its just amazing how many there are, and its amazing to see the graves, and amount of stuff and flowers are there.

but there was this parking lot in a memorial park. and theres seriously just this like tall grassy area.
which as the "trail head", no marking letting you know. but we happened to see some kids go down there right when we got there. so i was kinda confirmed that was actually it.

we walked down it. interesting thing is. there was actually hyroglyphics down there, from ancient hawaii.
pretty cool to just see that there. and awsome that it still is there. unfortunetly theres also a fair amount of tagging, which we saw some shit head kids doing.

but you go down the trail, and its this awsome creek. like straight up jungle. crazy looking shit.
and you come upon this huge ass cliff. and water pond type thing. and was pretty amazing.
there was a ton of local kids there jumping off. and just hanging out. as well as some random people.
it was definently one of those things, like oh wow. glad i found this.

then we went back to manoa falls. and hiked the trail in a significant more amount of light. sine we happen to go pretty late. we got to walk around the treetop diner up there. the guy was super nice.

we couldn't scope any of the lost shit though, which i wanted to do.
(this is the place where the orchid is / the cages from season 3. and the hydra.)

afterwards. i was determined to try and get a closer look at the orchid station.
there was a little bum type path that led through some bamboo. that i kinda climbed through.
i knew i could get down there, but was kinda scared the crew might be there.
i went far down. and finally just decided to go for it. i got to a path, and just alked down.

there were like 6000000 mosquitos. and i probably have west nile virus now. but it was worth it.
the shit down there from the abandon "zoo" thing, was excellent. then i actually got up next to the set.
which is covered in like a tarp i guess or something. on the top. so it like has a roof over it.
i saw the side of it, but was confused so i decided to actually just walk up onto it. and i looked inside.
i thought it was actually like the BACK of it, shit i didnt care about. but it was actually the stuff you see on the show. and it was the actual orchid set. stood up in there. and poked inside of it. tried to take a bunch of photos with my iphone. i thought they were turning out, but afterwards, they were all blurry as shit.
it makes sense though, cuz it was dark as fuck, and i was fighting off an army of mosquitos.

in hindsight i wonder, why the FUCK i didnt use my P&S. cuz i took it with me, it was in my back pocket.
but i think i was more concerned with not getting caught. and just being fast. and not getting eatin.

but none the less. it was fuckin awsome too see. and i was glad i went down there.

i ll post some pictures. of some shiz.

and. not to be forgoten.
happy birthday jerry. hope all that house shit is goin good.
(i know technically its not the 25th anymore, but still.)


walking along waikikki beach.

i think this was at the top of tantelus.


honolulu memorial park.

this is the cliff at the end of that trail.

on the trail.

me on the trail.

some scenic shots.

super beeker.

we had some fun on the bamboo arches @ Manoa Falls Trail.

The Actual Falls. This pictures does it no justice.

becca wanted to show how amazed she was at the size of the leaf.

this is actually the best shot i got of the orchid from OUTSIDE the fence.
in the parking lot where i was allowed to be.


Another scenic shot @ Manoa Falls Trail.
i actually think this was where the dharma staff station was. but i can't remember.

Some more shots.

The Dharma sticker we spotted on the car.

These are shots of the funeral parlor. and what you would see in the show, where jack parked.
once again, not important, but just interesting to see.

On the random trail. Nuuanu Trail.

Honolulu Memorial Park.

The Tree where Charlie Was hung. becca stood next to it to give you perspective on how big it really is.

Manoa Falls Trail.

This Bitch must have broken her ankle or something. cuz the fire department showed up.
and then a helicopter and shit. and i dont knwo WHAT they ended up doing.
but the helicopter was flying over head for a long ass time, and eventually we moved on.

just to show i TRIED to take some photos. i DID take some down at the orchid. but they didnt come out.

heres an idea of what i was standing at. i m pretty sure the red arrow is exactly where i was.
but its a little confusing, and i could be turned around.

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seriously, i dont understand how you find all this stuff. I would have no idea where to even begin to start looking. not just the lost sets and locations, but shit like some random trail that begins in a cemetery.

im glad you are having a good time, and going out non-stop, and not wasting your days on the internet or playing xbox. and im pretty sure you need to start taking some pictures of some hot girls. im sure there have to be some in hawaii.

well. ALOT of stuff is thanks to www.lostvirtualtours.com . i owe ALOT to that site, because the first time steph and i came, we saw alot of lost stuff from that. then i kinda just found stuff from their, sometimes completely random. and then the 2nd time we all came out, we found some super sick shit becuase of it.

none the less. sometimes they have trails they may have shot on once or twice. but as insignificant as they are are still super sick. and sometimes there is just like. "its by this trail" and i decide to go down it.

but like i said. its always turned out to be like "good thing i found this."

we've gone out pretty much non stop except for like 2 or MAYBE 3 days. and both days becca didn't feel good either. so i found it justifiable.

i think this week i want to start maybe surfing, and canoing and shit. the water funs.
except its raining today. so it makes some of those a little harder.

to be honest. i REALLY havent seen many hot chicks. its weird. we went to waikikki and there were SOME. but nothing amazing. i think that i just need to go to the beach earlier in the day one day and look. cuz i was thinking the same shit. where are all the hot chicks?

Pretty sick. How long are you staying there?

i ve been here since the 15th.

i go home on the 26th of feb.

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