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today becca and i went back to manoa falls.
i was determined to get better photos of the orchid.
a little more brave, and knowing more than before, i was on my way.
i headed down, and this time actually went INSIDE.
where as before i was on the set, but more on the outside of the tarp.

needless to say. just walking around inside was exhilarating.
i got some decent photos. but i had to boost the iso all the way up.
and open the lens all the way up. and i only had my 20-50 to get some wides.

there was VERY little light in there. so keep in mind, the shittyness of the photos.
is because i had to just boost the exposure and brightness up in PS. but here they are.

i was desperately looking for something to take, because there was a bunch of random shit.
but i couldn't find anything that i WANTED. everything seemed pretty big. or not really cool.

i don't think this will be my last trip there.

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thats pretty sick. seems like it would be scary.

whats NOT sick, is that dick gobbling face you are making in every photo. whats up with that?

it was pretty scary.
and it was supposed to be the "oh my god" suprised look dickhead.
and i did it more than once because i didnt know what was going to turn out.

were you carrying any sort of protection with you? (ie. pepper spray, shank, etc)

it really WAS the OMG/surprised look... as in "OMG! im totally surprised at how much I love this islander dude's cock in my mouth!!"

no i didnt have anything but my camera(s), and iphone.
i was SUPER paranoid, and would walk like 5 feet and look around. until i got there.
it's also a quite a bit away from everything else there.
and the people who actually own the property are a bunch of asian people.
who are actually SUPER nice. so i wasn't scared of islander people.

youre a hateful person.

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