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yesterday was an interesting day to say the very least.
so we had gotten a scoop on where they were filming lost the night before.
on a street not to far from us. just a few mintues. so we went and checked it out that night.
they had signs posted on the street saying tow away the next day until 10. so we thought for sure they would be shooting all day. we headed out there at like 11 and wanted to see what we could catch.

they were just setting up as we got there. they were blocking out a room and shit, and setting up reflectors, shades, and some big ass lights. after doing so, i swore i saw the guy who plays desmond, and i thought i saw abbadon, because of his bald black head. but at this point we didnt know our boundaries, and were far away.
we learned we could go MUCH closer. and later DID. i over heard them talking abou thte scene and what not. but we couldnt really see the actors. i could see jack bender and some equipment.

we pretty much staked that shit out for a long ass time, and watched that whole location shoot.
i save you for what was going on or who it was or anything , because it's not important.
and even though nothing the whole day gave away what the HELL was going on in the show. i ll save it.

later after they wrapped jack bender bounced immidiatly. and we were sad because i overheard them talking about another location, but we wanted to know where. who knew if we would ever find it.
we decided to sit in the parking lot and wait for the prod. trailer to leave, and we followed it.
it was just liek 2 streets down. we drove by, checked it out. looked like they were shooting inside a shop.

best part is. as we drove by, we saw a mexican food join. we were stoked cuz we were hungry.
so we decided to run home, let the dog out, change clothes and shit, and then come back and get some food, and watch them film the show. so we did so.

we got to the mexican food place. watched some other guy leave. and walk up and were like man. this food looks cheap, and good. so i walked up to the dude at the window. and was like, hey what comes in your burrito. and he politely answered, "everything..." i was like "ok.....can i get one..." and he like looks at me. and hes like ok. and turns around and says that to the cook. then turns back to me confused looking, and goes, oh i don't think the cook is cooking right now.... i was like...huh? hes like do you like lost? cuz this is going to be on the set....

i was like wait what? hes like they re gonna shoot right here. and i asked if it was just background or what , and hes like oh i dont know. so we tried to ask this dude like oh do you really work here? and hes like oh no, i m just an extra. apparently he thought they were shooting the scene and we were a aprt of it, because he was just as confused as we were. but he was super cool. we just shot the shit with him for a while.

and apparently the crew standing there didn't give a shit we were there.
becca said that they were joking they should set up a camera. cuz apparnetly we were NOT the first people to do that. we asked the dude if it was a real taco shop and shit and he really didnt give us a clear answer, but DID say "this place would be perfect for you guys" (because we are from SD). so w/e no food.
...kinda felt stupid, but really, had no idea what was going on. we were just kinda stoked cuz they didnt give a shit we were there.

we walked across the street, and stood there for a second. the guy who plays miles was just standing right next o us. probably checking out becca haha. and then he walked away. then jack bender like walks up like hes going to talk to us, then walks away. then i THINK the 2nd AD walks up and goes. "we have to clear this corner." we were like "oh ok, we just werent sure where we were ALLOWED to be, quite honestly we thought we were going to get some mexican food." she thought that was humorous.

anyways, we watched them film most of the night.
they eyeballed the SHIT out of me, apparently they had asked people not to take pictures.
i missed that part. Even though the guy earlier in the day asked me not to, but i could watch.
but that was in the day shoot, that night a BUNCH of people had cameras.

but we watched all night. until wrap.
then they COMPLETELY dismantled the set, which was "la vida tacos".
it was NOT a mexican food place. and we got SUPER DUPED.
it was so sad to watch that, and be like oh man. we REALLY thought it was real.

it was QUITE embarassing definently a great story / memory.
who the fuck else orders food from a fake set on lost?

well now i can say i have.....haha

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seriously how awesome.

you must have been in heaven. thats pretty cool. shouldve stolen something else. =)

you mean pergitory. cuz thats what the island is...

and yes i shoulda stole something.

Hahaha super duped.

I would have also been very sad to find out that there weren't any burritos.

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