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I <3 Kate Austin

*EDIT - because bill complained, i put a cut on it. to prevent any future bitching in the case that anyone DIDN'T look at it. as i said, i didn't feel like it was really a SPOILER, thats why i didnt cut it, because i put into context that i can usually tell whats going on in the show, and i really had no idea what was REALLY going on all the times i was there (For the most part).

if i spoiled anything for you, i apologize.

if you are weary of looking, i ll say to me, it didnt spoil anything, and i am typically VERY cautious of spoilers. i like to let the show unfold before me, and figure it out on my own. even everything i ve seen so far, hasn't REALLY put a damper on me knowing where the story goes.

once again, i apologize if you saw it and it upset you.
i didn't / still don't feel like its was a big thing.

seriously though....evangaline motherfuckin lilly.

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fuckin JEL-OUUUUS!

thats awesome. but im sorry. why the hell dont you have your hand on the small of her back. you should be holding her by her tiny little waist!

haha. seriously it was like a quick weird picture, like i was over there when i asked, then stephanie came and i think she was confused, and it was a "quick moment" if you get that.

and i know that shes VERY weird about fan interaction.
and i ve been told the fact that i got a picture with her is a RARE treate, and i should cherish it. haha.

What a shame, your girlfriend there and all.

thanks for the minor spoiler cut of her in a dharma suit. dick.

but seriously thats pretty cool.

like i said to kyle.

this show is at the point where ANYTHING could fuckin happen.
and i ve been on the set NUMEROUS times, and i still dont have a CLUE of whats going on.


seriously though

what the FUCK is going on in this show now.
i have mixed feelings about tonights episode.

while i REALLY liked it, i felt like there was stuff missing from it.

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