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today was good.
today was a pretty good day.

a few highlights of today.

spotted the dharma van and jeep, the guard was nice enough to let me get in it and take pictures.
shitty picture, i know. there was a big glare, point is. i sat in the dharma van.

Climbing on crazy vines on a pretty wicked hike.

The Light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.
seriously though, that shit was fuckin epic.

The Counter. Daniel Dae Kim (Jin From Lost) has a "build your own burger" joint.
it was pretty intense. and delicious.

thats it for now. sorry for the lack of updates.
we've been stalking lost, and jeremy davies (faraday)
and trying to cram as much in as i can before leaving.

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looks like a pretty awesome hike.

and too bad cameras dont have built in ciricular polarizers.

for the record I clicked right on "comment" and did not see your post, so I wasn't trying to points-jack.

get a circular polarizer.

and you should have hung someone from that tree like charlie.

hey, i should get a circular polarizer.

well, unfortunately guys, the elementary school didnt have a photography shop handy.
nor did i anticipate the situation, in buying one before hand. so i guess i learned my lesson for next time.

.i have an extra one for 78mm. give me the address out there and i'll send it to you.

haha, thanks, but its a little late, i m back home now.

also, peter smolik is youre twin. it was kinda distrubing looking at him.

hello! i found you randomly (through lj's "find random lj") and think your journal is really interesting & honest
add me back if ya want,

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