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another year down the drain. 23 came and went, now its on too 24.
getting older sucks. if only i was richard alpert.

sorry i dont have too much to say.
hopefully this year brings many great things.

happy birthday to me.

p.s:tonights lost was excellent, and it was great because i saw them film like 75% of it. it was fun to "relive" that, and kinda finally see everything put together.

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i bet this year will be the best so far! i'll be 23 soon, i feel old. haha but i'm a mom now so i guess thats why. i havent been on here forever....i do remember once in middle school i said happy bday to you and you were nice and said thanks even tho you had no idea who i was, haha just a girl with a crush. take care.

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