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if only i had the drive to update this thing more often.
I've found myself taking pictures or video with my phone from things.
with great intentions of posting some sweet videos and what not. maybe pictures.

i always have this feeling like i don't "document" my life enough. i dont know why, and i dont know if that sounds weird, but i always think to myself, in 20 years, even 5 years. shit 2 years, i want to be able to look back, and remember shit, good, or even bad i guess. i just want to have some sort of visualization of my life.

its unfortunate that i m too lazy to do that shit.

i have all this drive to do shit, but i can't seem to do it.
i always tell myself i m good at things, but then i later find myself discouraged, convincing myself i m not.

i've been in a very weird somber mood lately.
mix emotions about life in general.

its weird how something as small as not having a car can throw you into such a weird place.

i guess its cuz it traps me at home, gives me all this spare time where i basically sit and reflect.

i dunno. i m just rambling on, i just felt like writing something...since the internets has bored me.

don't get me wrong.
its not that i think i have life so bad.
it just feels like lifes moving to slow for my own taste.

honestly, i dont even know what i m trying to get at.
i just felt like writing...

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we all get discouraged, i think? feel better.

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