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XblackheartedX's Journal

To live would be an awfully big adventure...

Mr. Christopher Michael Jones
16 April
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Who the hell knows what to put in these things.....I Don't
...but i ll give it a shot bitches and gentlemen.

I'm Chris. I'm a cool kid, who plays on LJ and AIM, and the computer, and the guitar and all those good things. I'm so scene because i m sXe and listen to music...please be my friend :)


so scene...

Straight-Edge is in my heart.
To stand defiant in the face of inebriated conformity is
true-self liberation. Doubt my conviction if you want,
but i know who I am and what i stand for.
So all i have left to say is...


"Drugs & Alcohol only last for a few hours, but music will last forever."

"No matter how far you go....don't forget your home..."
80's, 80's music, a static lullaby, ac dc, adio, afi, aim, american history x, animation, anti-flag, art, autobots, band, batman, bats, beaches, black, blue, bon jovi, brand new, california, cameras, cars, cartoons, cats, chaka kahn, children living in terror, chupacabra, cky, clerks, coheed and cambria, comics, computers, cross my heart, danzing, darkstar, david bowie, dci, decepticons, disney, dokken, dr. pepper, driving, drumcorps, dvds, e.t, eating, element, explosives, family guy, fight club, fighting, finch, fireworks, friends, futurama, girls, glassjaw, go mordecai, grand theft auto, green lantern, guitars, hacky sack, halloween, hanging out, helix high school, him, homestar, in n out, jack's broken heart, jay and silent bob, kevin smith, kittens, la mesa, larger than life, lemon grove, lj suicide, lord of the rings, love, mc hammer, megaman, mexican food, midtown, misfits, money, monkeys, mp3's, music, nfl blitz, nightmare before christmas, ninjas, parks, pepsi, pictures, piercings, pirates, playgrounds, porn, ps2, pumpkins, queen, red, rice rockets, rufio, rx bandits, san diego, saosin, saved by the bell, scary kids scaring kids, seals, sex, simpsons, skateboarding, skating, skulls, soda, something corporate, son of sam, spiderman, story of the year, straight edge, street racing, styx, sxe, taking back sunday, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenacious d, the ataris, the doors, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the movie life, the simpsons, the starting line, the used, the usual suspects, thongs, thrice, thursday, tim burton, transformers, trumpet, tv, twix, vanilla ice, wendy's, xxx