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To live would be an awfully big adventure...

Back on the island. happy to be here.
and i ll save the text for another time. but i m glad to be back.
today, the 1st real day here. we hiked the most western tip of the island. Kaena Point.
it is a wildlife reserve down there for birds, and seals. although we only saw 1 seal.
along the way we saw a pack of dolphins. and on the way back a whale and its baby.

on the way to dinner at 'the counter' (Jin from LOST's burger place), we dropped by manoa falls.
my intentions were to take a peak back at the temple set in the jungle.
but we were surprised to find that they were infact filming there...
although, security was tight, and they were tucked away. so we couldn't see anything.

but here are some pics.

Ridiculously big rainbow, on the way back from the base...

Becca & Adrian before the hike to kaena point

Some photos of the beach on the west side.

I had always heard there were seals out at the Kaena Point, unfortunately there was only one.
He was very sad and lonely, and just sat there.

Seriously AS SOON as we got to the point, it started sprinkling.
one look back showed that we had narrowly avoided a storm following us.
it rained for a while, i think we avoided the worst of it.

Seriously, this is the sketchiest path on a trail ever. that piece of wood was tied with rope.
btw, it was tied to a stick, and wrapped around a rock...

i just liked this picture.

If you don't recognize it. imagine Jacob, His Nemisis In black, and a 4-Toed Statue.
and you'll see that this is where they shot the Finale of Lost Season 5.

A Cool little rock cave type thing on the way, i climbed down and took a photo.

thats it for now. i should hopefully keep posting photos.
hope you enjoyed.

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if only i had the drive to update this thing more often.
I've found myself taking pictures or video with my phone from things.
with great intentions of posting some sweet videos and what not. maybe pictures.

i always have this feeling like i don't "document" my life enough. i dont know why, and i dont know if that sounds weird, but i always think to myself, in 20 years, even 5 years. shit 2 years, i want to be able to look back, and remember shit, good, or even bad i guess. i just want to have some sort of visualization of my life.

its unfortunate that i m too lazy to do that shit.

i have all this drive to do shit, but i can't seem to do it.
i always tell myself i m good at things, but then i later find myself discouraged, convincing myself i m not.

i've been in a very weird somber mood lately.
mix emotions about life in general.

its weird how something as small as not having a car can throw you into such a weird place.

i guess its cuz it traps me at home, gives me all this spare time where i basically sit and reflect.

i dunno. i m just rambling on, i just felt like writing something...since the internets has bored me.

don't get me wrong.
its not that i think i have life so bad.
it just feels like lifes moving to slow for my own taste.

honestly, i dont even know what i m trying to get at.
i just felt like writing...

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another year down the drain. 23 came and went, now its on too 24.
getting older sucks. if only i was richard alpert.

sorry i dont have too much to say.
hopefully this year brings many great things.

happy birthday to me.

p.s:tonights lost was excellent, and it was great because i saw them film like 75% of it. it was fun to "relive" that, and kinda finally see everything put together.

today was good.
today was a pretty good day.

a few highlights of today.

spotted the dharma van and jeep, the guard was nice enough to let me get in it and take pictures.
shitty picture, i know. there was a big glare, point is. i sat in the dharma van.

Climbing on crazy vines on a pretty wicked hike.

The Light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.
seriously though, that shit was fuckin epic.

The Counter. Daniel Dae Kim (Jin From Lost) has a "build your own burger" joint.
it was pretty intense. and delicious.

thats it for now. sorry for the lack of updates.
we've been stalking lost, and jeremy davies (faraday)
and trying to cram as much in as i can before leaving.

I <3 Kate Austin

*EDIT - because bill complained, i put a cut on it. to prevent any future bitching in the case that anyone DIDN'T look at it. as i said, i didn't feel like it was really a SPOILER, thats why i didnt cut it, because i put into context that i can usually tell whats going on in the show, and i really had no idea what was REALLY going on all the times i was there (For the most part).

if i spoiled anything for you, i apologize.

if you are weary of looking, i ll say to me, it didnt spoil anything, and i am typically VERY cautious of spoilers. i like to let the show unfold before me, and figure it out on my own. even everything i ve seen so far, hasn't REALLY put a damper on me knowing where the story goes.

once again, i apologize if you saw it and it upset you.
i didn't / still don't feel like its was a big thing.

MINOR Spoiler i guess...Collapse )
seriously though....evangaline motherfuckin lilly.

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check out my sweet new ride.

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yesterday was an interesting day to say the very least.
so we had gotten a scoop on where they were filming lost the night before.
on a street not to far from us. just a few mintues. so we went and checked it out that night.
they had signs posted on the street saying tow away the next day until 10. so we thought for sure they would be shooting all day. we headed out there at like 11 and wanted to see what we could catch.

they were just setting up as we got there. they were blocking out a room and shit, and setting up reflectors, shades, and some big ass lights. after doing so, i swore i saw the guy who plays desmond, and i thought i saw abbadon, because of his bald black head. but at this point we didnt know our boundaries, and were far away.
we learned we could go MUCH closer. and later DID. i over heard them talking abou thte scene and what not. but we couldnt really see the actors. i could see jack bender and some equipment.

we pretty much staked that shit out for a long ass time, and watched that whole location shoot.
i save you for what was going on or who it was or anything , because it's not important.
and even though nothing the whole day gave away what the HELL was going on in the show. i ll save it.

later after they wrapped jack bender bounced immidiatly. and we were sad because i overheard them talking about another location, but we wanted to know where. who knew if we would ever find it.
we decided to sit in the parking lot and wait for the prod. trailer to leave, and we followed it.
it was just liek 2 streets down. we drove by, checked it out. looked like they were shooting inside a shop.

best part is. as we drove by, we saw a mexican food join. we were stoked cuz we were hungry.
so we decided to run home, let the dog out, change clothes and shit, and then come back and get some food, and watch them film the show. so we did so.

we got to the mexican food place. watched some other guy leave. and walk up and were like man. this food looks cheap, and good. so i walked up to the dude at the window. and was like, hey what comes in your burrito. and he politely answered, "everything..." i was like "ok.....can i get one..." and he like looks at me. and hes like ok. and turns around and says that to the cook. then turns back to me confused looking, and goes, oh i don't think the cook is cooking right now.... i was like...huh? hes like do you like lost? cuz this is going to be on the set....

i was like wait what? hes like they re gonna shoot right here. and i asked if it was just background or what , and hes like oh i dont know. so we tried to ask this dude like oh do you really work here? and hes like oh no, i m just an extra. apparently he thought they were shooting the scene and we were a aprt of it, because he was just as confused as we were. but he was super cool. we just shot the shit with him for a while.

and apparently the crew standing there didn't give a shit we were there.
becca said that they were joking they should set up a camera. cuz apparnetly we were NOT the first people to do that. we asked the dude if it was a real taco shop and shit and he really didnt give us a clear answer, but DID say "this place would be perfect for you guys" (because we are from SD). so w/e no food.
...kinda felt stupid, but really, had no idea what was going on. we were just kinda stoked cuz they didnt give a shit we were there.

we walked across the street, and stood there for a second. the guy who plays miles was just standing right next o us. probably checking out becca haha. and then he walked away. then jack bender like walks up like hes going to talk to us, then walks away. then i THINK the 2nd AD walks up and goes. "we have to clear this corner." we were like "oh ok, we just werent sure where we were ALLOWED to be, quite honestly we thought we were going to get some mexican food." she thought that was humorous.

anyways, we watched them film most of the night.
they eyeballed the SHIT out of me, apparently they had asked people not to take pictures.
i missed that part. Even though the guy earlier in the day asked me not to, but i could watch.
but that was in the day shoot, that night a BUNCH of people had cameras.

but we watched all night. until wrap.
then they COMPLETELY dismantled the set, which was "la vida tacos".
it was NOT a mexican food place. and we got SUPER DUPED.
it was so sad to watch that, and be like oh man. we REALLY thought it was real.

it was QUITE embarassing definently a great story / memory.
who the fuck else orders food from a fake set on lost?

well now i can say i have.....haha

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today becca and i went back to manoa falls.
i was determined to get better photos of the orchid.
a little more brave, and knowing more than before, i was on my way.
i headed down, and this time actually went INSIDE.
where as before i was on the set, but more on the outside of the tarp.

needless to say. just walking around inside was exhilarating.
i got some decent photos. but i had to boost the iso all the way up.
and open the lens all the way up. and i only had my 20-50 to get some wides.

there was VERY little light in there. so keep in mind, the shittyness of the photos.
is because i had to just boost the exposure and brightness up in PS. but here they are.

i was desperately looking for something to take, because there was a bunch of random shit.
but i couldn't find anything that i WANTED. everything seemed pretty big. or not really cool.

i don't think this will be my last trip there.

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Hawaiian Livin'
What have i dont in the past few days.

well. me and becca decided to go to manoa falls trail. (one of the nicest hikes here.)
we spotted 2 cars there with dharma stickers on the back. and 1 was a van. with some gear in it.
some construction type shit, so i m assuming they were set design people.

we hiked the trail. it started raining AS SOON as we started, but theres a heavy canopy of trees, so you don't get wet unless your out in the open. but it was wonderful weather actually.
also, it was getting dark again on our way back down. but we made it down faster cuz it was 2 of us instead of 11. so it wasn't taking forever. we speed walked down it.

being there is so amazing. it just feels so nice. its quite. fuckin beautiful. and just peaceful.
getting to the top of the trail and seeing the waterfall is just crazy. looking up at it.
it makes you feel small. i jsut stood and looked up it for a few minutes, just in awe.\

we drove by the storage again tryin to avoid traffic, no filming htis time. and the plane was back in its place.
then we drove home. and called it a night. hung out and so on.

then the next day we went out and kinda just did w/e.

i actually found a lot where they store ALOT of the props for lost. but more the vehicle type things.
there happened to be a business lot on a 2nd story next to it, so we drove up and just looked around.
you could see cop cars, taxi cabs, a LA Ambulence, The Dharma Vans, Jacks Bronco, Hurleys Red Car.
kinda interesting just to see those things. also, we drove by where the funeral parlor was that locke was.
"hoffs/drawler." also pretty insignificant, but just interesting to see.

the best that day, was a trail i had kinda just HEARD about, read that a trail EXISTED. but no idea where it was.
no idea what was back there. or if it was cool at all.

we stopped by this cemetery. Which mind you these things are wicked, its just amazing how many there are, and its amazing to see the graves, and amount of stuff and flowers are there.

but there was this parking lot in a memorial park. and theres seriously just this like tall grassy area.
which as the "trail head", no marking letting you know. but we happened to see some kids go down there right when we got there. so i was kinda confirmed that was actually it.

we walked down it. interesting thing is. there was actually hyroglyphics down there, from ancient hawaii.
pretty cool to just see that there. and awsome that it still is there. unfortunetly theres also a fair amount of tagging, which we saw some shit head kids doing.

but you go down the trail, and its this awsome creek. like straight up jungle. crazy looking shit.
and you come upon this huge ass cliff. and water pond type thing. and was pretty amazing.
there was a ton of local kids there jumping off. and just hanging out. as well as some random people.
it was definently one of those things, like oh wow. glad i found this.

then we went back to manoa falls. and hiked the trail in a significant more amount of light. sine we happen to go pretty late. we got to walk around the treetop diner up there. the guy was super nice.

we couldn't scope any of the lost shit though, which i wanted to do.
(this is the place where the orchid is / the cages from season 3. and the hydra.)

afterwards. i was determined to try and get a closer look at the orchid station.
there was a little bum type path that led through some bamboo. that i kinda climbed through.
i knew i could get down there, but was kinda scared the crew might be there.
i went far down. and finally just decided to go for it. i got to a path, and just alked down.

there were like 6000000 mosquitos. and i probably have west nile virus now. but it was worth it.
the shit down there from the abandon "zoo" thing, was excellent. then i actually got up next to the set.
which is covered in like a tarp i guess or something. on the top. so it like has a roof over it.
i saw the side of it, but was confused so i decided to actually just walk up onto it. and i looked inside.
i thought it was actually like the BACK of it, shit i didnt care about. but it was actually the stuff you see on the show. and it was the actual orchid set. stood up in there. and poked inside of it. tried to take a bunch of photos with my iphone. i thought they were turning out, but afterwards, they were all blurry as shit.
it makes sense though, cuz it was dark as fuck, and i was fighting off an army of mosquitos.

in hindsight i wonder, why the FUCK i didnt use my P&S. cuz i took it with me, it was in my back pocket.
but i think i was more concerned with not getting caught. and just being fast. and not getting eatin.

but none the less. it was fuckin awsome too see. and i was glad i went down there.

i ll post some pictures. of some shiz.

and. not to be forgoten.
happy birthday jerry. hope all that house shit is goin good.
(i know technically its not the 25th anymore, but still.)

A Handful of Memories.Collapse )

Another Hawaii Post.
i've been meaning to do an update. but quite honestly.
we get home. eat. and relax a little. and i m fuckin tired.
and i fall asleep before pulling pictures off or anything.

so its been a few days since my last update. i ll try and give a quick update on what we did.

we ahave driven around ALMOST the entire island. (except the far west coast).

we finally found the survivor camp beach.
it happens to be prettty well hidden. but all beaches are public so we found it finally.
it was exciting to see all the little houses. and eco's church.

also. on that becah theres a little hill, and on the way back there was this hot ass asian girl and some dude fucking. it was excellent. they tried to hide it, but it was totally obvious.

its so amazing just driving, aimlessly. we stop every once and a while. see an amazing view.
find some new exciting spots to go to. or drive by a i recognize from lost.

we happened to drive by and find out where they were storing 815. and as i had heard. filmed as well.

We've at at zippy's many times. which is excellent. zippy's i fuckin love you.

FINALLY we got cable and internets for real. no more stealing internets.

stopped by the wakikki swap meet. always excellent shit there. i m gonna find a wicked hawaiian shirt.

the best part was when becca and i decided to try and get to the pier they filmed at with the others. when they let michael go. because we could NEVER find out how to get to it. so we decided to try and walk along the beach to it. since thats allowed. it was all muddy, but there were rocks and shit. i stayed on the rocks. but coming up to the rocks there was a big patch of mud, that becca decided to step in, which got her stuck, shin deep in mud, losing her shoe. it was epic. until i heard some crazy dogs, from the shanty town house we passed. i was pretty sure we were fucked. at that point, we didnt know what the hell we were going to do. and it was getting dark. i was pretty certain we were going to get killed by dogs.

i skated a little at a skatepark. its nice to have a good board and trucks. although skating a 7.75 feels much thicker than a 7.25. suprisingly it makes a big difference.

last night was the best though. we were driving around. then before home trying ot kill some time to miss traffic on the H1. so i decided to go out to a trail, and come back down on the H3 which wouldn't have traffic. so we decided to drive by the storage where 815 was. well...as we were driving around i saw these big ass lights i didnt remember. and i was like. uh. those are like flood lights. as we pulled closer. there were definently flood lights in the jungle. and then there were liek a billion trailers, a bunch of grip trucks, and other trucks, food truck, like 50 cars at least. and the nose of the plane was not in the same place.

we seriously just sat on the side of the road trying to see what we could see, but we couldn't see much at all. i just wanted SOME sort of like confirmation that it was them. i mean i m sure it was. but still it would have been better to see someone or something. but just seeing that was sick. it made my night.

skate 2 is excellent.

thats all i remember for now. i ll update more later.

and now for the pics.

There's Alot.Collapse )


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