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Back on the island. happy to be here.
and i ll save the text for another time. but i m glad to be back.
today, the 1st real day here. we hiked the most western tip of the island. Kaena Point.
it is a wildlife reserve down there for birds, and seals. although we only saw 1 seal.
along the way we saw a pack of dolphins. and on the way back a whale and its baby.

on the way to dinner at 'the counter' (Jin from LOST's burger place), we dropped by manoa falls.
my intentions were to take a peak back at the temple set in the jungle.
but we were surprised to find that they were infact filming there...
although, security was tight, and they were tucked away. so we couldn't see anything.

but here are some pics.

Ridiculously big rainbow, on the way back from the base...

Becca & Adrian before the hike to kaena point

Some photos of the beach on the west side.

I had always heard there were seals out at the Kaena Point, unfortunately there was only one.
He was very sad and lonely, and just sat there.

Seriously AS SOON as we got to the point, it started sprinkling.
one look back showed that we had narrowly avoided a storm following us.
it rained for a while, i think we avoided the worst of it.

Seriously, this is the sketchiest path on a trail ever. that piece of wood was tied with rope.
btw, it was tied to a stick, and wrapped around a rock...

i just liked this picture.

If you don't recognize it. imagine Jacob, His Nemisis In black, and a 4-Toed Statue.
and you'll see that this is where they shot the Finale of Lost Season 5.

A Cool little rock cave type thing on the way, i climbed down and took a photo.

thats it for now. i should hopefully keep posting photos.
hope you enjoyed.

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LJ Picture Posts FTW. Looks like its a good start to your trip. If you have time, you should go visit your hooker friends in waikiki. im sure they miss you.

Damn Becca has some sexy legs.

How many trips to hawaii does this make for you?

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