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ok. quick update.

the airport was fairly easy-going. i had alot of shit with me.
Macbook, Mac-mini, 3 External Hard Drives, Airport Extreme, Xbox 360, and other various wires, electronics.
i thought for sure i was going to be treated like a native Al-Qaeda. but no. they were very nice.

flew on the plane. next to this dude who was like open mouth snoring. REALLY bad.
it was funny and annoying at the same time. when he fell asleep with the drink in his hand. hillarious.

got to the island. looked beautiful.
stepped off to the TV, showing the plane that crashed into the hudson. a little be disturbing.
but thankfully i was not in the middle of the pacific.

got to the Apt. its a nice little place. reminds me a little bit of the david/tony/aaron apt. 2nd story and all.

ate at bobs big boy.

got some stuff out of storage, cushions pillows, blankets, stuff to sleep on.
we had some gnarly rain and shit the past two days. but today is nice and sunny.
we moved EVERYTHING from her tetris packed storage, with the help of some extremely nice people.
you can see the difference in "culture" i guess here. MOST are friendly as hell.

We drove down to wakkiki one night. i scoped out a skatepark we went to before.
we drove to sharks cove last night in the pooring rain. just to look at the waves for 10 mintues then leave.
still worth it. the drive alone is worth it. nothing takes any more then like 40 mintues from where we are at.
we're at a pretty central location of the isalnd.

i ll throw up some pictures...

check it.

pic post bitch.Collapse )

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I Bet someone can guess what's in this box...


Listening to this old marine talk about being in the marines is excellent. He was talking about fighting japs haha. And Hiroshima, and how he joined at 18 never drank and one night drank and woke up with a tattoo.

I kinds want to be his friend.
Or play cod with him.

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happy new year fuckers.
i m going to make an attempt at making a "new years post".

now, most of this year, i ve been saying to myslef.
wow. what a fucking WASTE of a year.

i ve said more than once, i think i COMPLETELY fucking wasted a year of my life.
i don't feel as if i accomplished anything, or was satisfied with ANYTHING i did this year.

in hindsight, i can't say thats completely true.
now don't get me wrong i ll get to my tiffs with this year.

but i want to take a second and look at the highlights of my year.

- for the first time made my way to SF, and went to macworld. a new experience, and a good one at that.

- Did the whole 48 hours thing. vegas. great experience, great end product.

- The Oregon Trip with my mom grandma and jerry. stayed for longer than expected.
although it may have been boring as fuck at times, i can't say i regret it.

- Did a little more photography than normal, and got "in-touch" with that a little.

- Comic con was nothing short of great, as usual. it always makes my year, and i can't ever imagine NOT going.
seeing fanboys was worth it, playing tetris on that gameboy. seeing mathew fox. all the usual great stuff.

- Started Skating ALOT more, i can say i almost got back to where i was as a kid. and that felt good.
learning mini-ramp, was a HUGE accomplishment for me this year. in less than i month, i was ripping that thing up. as apposed to being afraid to drop in the first time.

- the iphone. god i had been waiting so long. and just getting it was excellent. so usefull.

-the CRAC house. definently a positive for the year. becoming the common hang out. hopefully we are not wearing our welcome, which probably do at times, but either way, has been the relief to alot of stress this past year.


-friends. stephanie. and so on.

-not to forget all the little things, like disneyland. drivearounds. all the good movies. leaked movies. etc.

but one of the BIG things was starting my own "at home" business, on ebay. none the less, it turned into something i didn't expect.pretty much a full fledged job, bringing me more money than i think i've ever had. allowing me to live comfortably. bought a heat press later in the year, undeniably one of the "best" investments i made all year, and for a long time as well, it easily double my profits. but this whole thing is something i feel proud of myself for. its something i DO feel accomplished about.

but the year did not come without its downs.
and i ll be honest, i feel like i had a whole lot of downs.

really, for some reason it was just stressfull as fuck. i always found myself stressed out about SOMETHING.

there were definently long times of finding myself wondering about shit, and just thinking about my life.
about life in general. feeling lost. and confused. wondering where the FUCK i am headed.

there was always this longing feeling of "getting away" which is why i took the opportunities to travel.

at the beginning of this year. i had alot of "goals" i wanted to accomplish. and really.
i dont know that i did any of them, quite honestly, i think i started out the year in a slum. of being lazy.
and just not feeling up to anything, and i dont know that besides "work" that changed.

which led to the end of the year. me discussing with david, how i feel like i wasted this year.
accomplishing nothing. and i will look back and think, wow, what the FUCK did i do with this year?
i turned 23 this year. and i think that was a big part. i m getting older. and i felt like...dude really?
is this where i saw myself at this point? where the fuck did i go wrong? where SHOULD i be?

hands down my biggest regret of the year.
not going to hawaii for my birthday, and hesitating to buy that ticket, resulting in a doubling of price.300$ round trip is fuckin unbelievable at this point. and you better believe this trip this time around, is going to be amazing. i have so many plans, but nothing set in stone, no TRUE plan of action, i m just going to go, and just BE, and explore, the island, and myself, on so many different levels.

new years resolutions?
i don't think i m that type of person anymore.
i feel like they are silly. i don't even feel like i live my life like that.
setting these "standards" or "goals" on an arbitrary date based on a gregorian calender.
i don't think the NEW YEAR, (or any date at that) should be the reason to push ourselves.

but. needless to say.
on a some what "hypocritical" level to my previous statement.

on that note.
2009 is here.
and i have made a note for myself.
i think this will be a year of change.
a year of progression. accomplishment.

i m ready to do things. go places.
i don't feel like i have time to waste anymore.
and it took a year of wasted time to see that.
but i know thats not what i want anymore.
you only get one life, and this year. (and so on.) i plan on really living it.
and hopefully with others along the way.

2009.i've got big plans for you.

we have to go back...
in the words of one jack sheppard. "we have to go back..."

and i am.

i officially bought my ticket to oahu.
January 15th - February 25th.

Stephanie is probably coming out sometime around the 14th of Feb.
and probably leaving around or at the same time as me.

If anyone else wants to, for any amount of time, they should come.
Its fuckin amazing. and is worth it.

Many pictures will be taken.
Probably video will be taken.

and most of all, endless adventures will be had.

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wall-e in 1080p ftw.

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sometimes its just too much.

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i was looking at digg. and there was a post reviewing the new macbooks.

and someone commented.

"Boycott Apple!

Apple showed their true colors when they donated against prop 8 and came out against family. There are plenty of pro-family computer companies in America, don't waste your dollars on anti-Christian Apple!"


people make me fuckin sick sometimes man.
that shits just stupid.
grow the FUCK up.

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"The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination "

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i like skating alot.

i m glad they built this lemon grove skate park
(although it definently has its flaws)
it's gotten me back into the swing of skating.
and ive been getting way better, and more consistent.
its become a hobby again. and it gives me something ACTIVE to do.

i go skate pretty much everyday. sometimes twice a day.

i wanna make a skate part, for a video, even if its not like anything EPIC.
i just wanna do it for fun.

...lately i feel weird. i feel like i want to be creative.
in many areas. but i just dont know what to do.

for some reason i ve gotten the sudden urge to do some drawings.
like i m not going to lie, i believe that in this age of technology,
things have changed. and shits done on the computer.
growing up the way i did, kinda made me get USED to doing it on the computer.
i think i lost alot of what i HAD as an illustrator.

to be honest, i never was PLEASED with my works (but then again when am i?)
but i want to start sketching, then scanning and what not.

theres alot of artists that are very INSPIRING to me.

Eric Tan is one of them.
he did all the wall-e posters that most people see, as well as most pixar shit.
hes pretty sick, i love his style its simple, and something i ve tried to do.
but was never successful at, needles to say, i ll rip his style off for SOMETHING.haha.

Tom Whalen is another one.
kinda the same idea. really cool stuff. i dig it.

i feel like i want to do a few things that i ve wanted to do for a while.
i want to write out a few shorts, and movie ideas i ve had for a while. and just get it out.
i also want to do a comic of some sorts. a web comic (like theres not enough of those.)
i ve alway WANTED to, but never knew what i would do it about. still don't. but i wan't to do it.

random post.
just felt like writing more frequently in this.
word up.


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